Thursday, September 1, 2011

Got some Storm Cleanup needed from Hurricane Irene (in Connecticut)

Are you looking for someone with a chainsaw to cut up a downed tree from the aftermath of Hurricane Irene?  Or, are you the "Guy with a chainsaw" and want to earn some cash in your spare time?

Either way, is the site for you !

How it works (if you are the person who wants some trees cut up) . . . 
You would sign up for's basic / trial service (assuming you have not already signed up) and post a task for "Chainsaw work" and describe what you want cut up. 

Don't forget to say how long you want the segments since it takes more cuts to make 12" logs than it does for 18" logs.  (From what I've heard, somewhere between 12-18" is typical.)  Also remember that the Chainsaw Helper(s) (note: people who do work for you through are called "Helpers") won't be measuring each log so asking for 11.75" log segments could get you a very high price or much fewer bids.

Once your task is posted, the Helpers bid to complete your task.  You decide which Helper you want to pick (based on their rating, verification status or price), select the bid that is best for you and put the bid amount "on reserve".  Having this money "on reserve" means that you and the Helper must agree that the job was done as described before the payment can be released.  It is important to make sure you are both in agreement so that there are no problems at the end of the task.  For example, "Who is going to pick up the logs once they are cut?  Will they be taken away or left for the Customer?"... these are questions that should be worked out up front !

Once the task is done...
As the Customer, you would release the reserve money and rate the Helper.  The Helper will also rate his customers so that for future jobs the Helpers can provide better prices or services to the customers who are easiest to work with.

What if you have a chainsaw and want some work?
Just sign up as a Helper at and search for jobs in your area.  The basic trial level is free so why not sign up NOW !