Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Getting Serious about your To Do List !

Picture from Flickr.com with the following caption ...
My to do list is healed & in use!
Tattooed by the awesome and wonderful Lelia at The Needle's Kiss in Townsville on 18/5/2010 as an anniversary gift from Rob (because I'd been talking about having it done for 2 years).
Since this Flickr account is from "Rob and Stephanie Levy" I guess we must assume that this list is on Stephanie's arm ... and that there is very little chance that she will forget any of the "Honey Do's" for Rob !

It does kind of make me wonder if she uses ink that washes off and cleans her arm each day in the shower ... or if she puts a bandage over it to preserve items from day to day?  Seems like an interesting way to tell if you have been productive during the day... do you have to wash your arm or not?

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