Friday, March 11, 2011 rolling out to the Danbury CT area !

As part of our expansion plans, is building our network in the Greater Danbury, CT area. 

Help Wanted...
This means that over the next month or two, we will be advertising for Helpers to join our site.  You will probably see the Green Doggy online or even around town!  As we get to a "critical mass" of Helpers, both General and Specialized, we will be scheduling a seminar for Helpers on "Building and Running Your WheelDoggy Business".  Anyone who is interested in running their own business or having the freedom to set your own hours should sign up now at

General vs. Specialized Helpers...
We expect to have two types of "Helpers" on  Generalists who are open to doing all different types of tasks and Specialists whose business is focused on a particular skill or service.  It is perfectly fine to start out as a General Helper as you are learning about what you like to do and what it means to have your own business.  This experience may lead you to become a Specialist ... or you could find that you enjoy the variety of doing different things and solving unknown challenges for customers. 

Specialized Helpers might have a business doing something already set up (or not) and they just want to use as a way to get in front of more customers.  The fact that Helpers bid on tasks (or "jobs") just proves that the Specialist is providing a competitively priced service ... and the rating system at allows Specialists to justify a higher bid price through proven customer service and testimonials (automatically provided as part of the WheelDoggy process).

Either way you decide to craft your Helper business will be great ... but first you need to SIGN UP NOW and get started !

Beyond Critical Mass...
Once we have a sufficient number of Helpers signed up, we will begin marketing to get customers coming to the site and posting tasks for the Helpers to bid on.  If you sign up as a Helper, please recognize that there will be a bit of a delay before the tasks show up.

Other promotions...
We have lots of great promo's in the pipeline so stop by our blog and the website on a regular basis or sign up for our mailing list (at and we will send you info !

More coming soon !

d.Mark "Dave" Wheeler

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